List of documents to participate
in foundation programs

  1. Application Form to participate in the Program*
  2. Consent of a parent (a legally authorized representative) to process the child’s / the juvenile’s personal data
  3. The child’s colored photo, close-up picture, not for passport (image size should be not less than 1 MB, JPEG (.jpg) format)
  4. Copy of the child’s birth certificate or copy of the passport (for children over 14 y.o.)
  5. Copy of all filled (completed) pages of the passport of the child’s legally authorized representative, who filed the Application Form
  6. Copy of the documents in case of child’s custody or trusteeship
  7. Copy of the child’s disability certificate
  8. Copy of IRP (individual rehabilitation program)
  9. Copy of medical documents, confirming the child’s diagnosis
  10. Copy of the invoice, issued by a medical center (health care institution). The original invoice should be provided in case of positive decision to include the child into the Program
  11. Copy of the state pension certificate of insurance and taxpayer identification number (taxpayer ID) of a parent
  12. Statement (information sheet) on income tax for six months (for both parents) or copy of a work-book (obligatory for non-employed)

*The age of a child should be under 18 y.o. for the moment of submitting the Application Form

The Foundation keeps the right to require additional documents to make a decision re the participation in the Programs

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