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About us

Movement Up is a charity foundation, helping children with disabilities. We help children with CP (Cerebral Palsy), muscle-skeleton disorders, brain attack, after oncotherapy and other serious diseases to get early treatment, rehabilitation and return to an ordinary life: to socialize with age-mates, go to school, make friends, travel. The main accent is made on rehabilitation as a key success factor on a way to a happy, dynamic and intense life of the children under care. There is a lack of knowledge about rehabilitation and its great role in our society. Thus, one of our tasks is to educate people on rehabilitation and demonstrate clearly its importance. We do believe that due to our friends, potential partners and all those, who are not indifferent towards charity, we could make the life of children with disabilities a happy one. Join us!

Our programs

Charity Foundation Movement Up helps children with disabilities, such as: CP (Cerebral Palsy), muscle-skeleton disorders, brain attack, after oncotherapy and other serious diseases. We help children to get life-saving rehabilitation and make their life a full and happy one — insofar as possible.

The Foundation cooperates with top-lead rehabilitation and medical centers in Russia, such as: Three Sisters (Moscow Region,, Rodnik (Saint-Petersburg), Sakura (Chelyabinsk,, Ekzarta (Nizhny Novgorod,, etc.

Programs of the Foundation are targeted at comprehensive aid of children with disabilities and their families.

PROmovement Program

Therapy and rehabilitation in specialized centers

Movement together program

Purchase of necessary drugs and medical equipment for home rehabilitation

Bird of Happiness Program

Organization of leisure

Contact Us

Legal address: 107078, Moscow,
Novaya Basmannaya Street, 17
Actual address: 107078, Moscow,
Novaya Basmannaya Street, 17

of the founders

Irina Agafonova
Chief Operating Officer
Alina Moskalenko
Founder of the Foundation
Marina Bolshakova
Founder of the Foundation, Director of Development

Dear Friends,

Disinterested help, true compassion and love are a powerful basis of the charity all over the world. We are happy that the attitude towards charity in Russia turns to the better and wish the positive dynamics were kept on further. Our mission is to demonstrate to the audience that to help is really so easy!

All activities of our Foundation are targeted at helping children with disabilities in treatment and rehabilitation. It is not a secret that rehabilitation requires serious work and involvement of doctors, parents and huge courage of little patients. Any, even, as it might seem, little help from each of you is an invaluable contribution to support children under care from our Foundation. Due to your help, the children will get hope for happy and full life, could get education, make friends with age-mates, travel and be more confident in their future.

We do appreciate each of you! Thanking you for being with us!


It is no secret that the key index of civilization in any society is the care for the disabled ones. For example, in Europe and in the USA they are not considered people of second class and the state takes care of them and gives all opportunities for a normal life. Besides, the term «the disabled one» was replaced in many countries by the word combination «a person with special needs» long ago. «What is the difference how to call such people?», you may ask. However, the difference is huge, indeed! It is in approach, in attitude of physically and mentally healthy people towards the disabled ones. And people with disabilities are full members of society, they just need more support. No one points a finger at a person in a wheelchair in European countries or in the USA. The fact is that children with special needs study at the same schools as their healthy age-mates. Also, the adults with disabilities are employed by ordinary companies — for example, each firm in Europe with 20 or more employees is legally obliged to provide 5% of jobs to such people. That is the way to form a loyal attitude of people towards the disabled ones.
We believe that integration of people with disabilities into society should be started from early childhood.
We create additional opportunities for children with special needs. The opportunity to become happy and live a full life. The opportunity to get comfortable conditions in all spheres — education, rest, transportation along the city or attendance of popular events. The opportunity to be easily integrated into society, becoming an integral and equal part of it. Disability is not a sentence and not a cause to stay isolated! And to help such children is not just to feel sympathy, but also to feel compassion and empathy.


Our key target is to ensure an overall assistance and support to children with disabilities and their family members in rehabilitation, social adaptation and integration into society. We do want to attract the public attention towards problems of the children with disabilities and to change peoples’ attitude towards such children. We share amazing stories, which inspire children and their family members. Feel the world via the prism of kindness and happiness — and impossible is nothing!


We do believe that we will be able to change peoples’ mind and make them tolerant towards the disabled ones. We strive to teach people to help each other since it is so easy and honorable! We are confident that socially significant projects are the global trend and the symbiosis of business, charity organizations and society under the State support is the model, which suggests the win-win strategy, turning to the better the present and the future.

What guides us


We are a team of professionals with wide expertise and huge experience both in business and non-commercial sector — and this helps us to promptly and successfully solve complicated tasks and achieve the goals set. We use the most effective tools to get the best result from activities implemented and to be benefit to children under care.


We do understand the overall responsibility for each child and its family, which applied for help to our Foundation. All that we create and realize we do from the bottom of our hearts and for the benefit of the children under care.

Caring and serving

We are convinced that each child has the right for care, help and support despite its age, nationality and confession. The basis of our activity is a total confidence that every children could live a full life, be happy, have friends, make dreams come true and be helpful to the society.

Honesty and publicity

We do respect our partners, private donors and friends. Our cooperation is based on principles of trust and dialogue. Everybody could check the financial reports upon the results of activities on the Foundation site. We are fully confident that the partners’ cooperation is the possibility to realize the most progressive, successful and mutually profitable projects, targeted at helping children under care.
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